The Book

Can Tiny Tiny Rhino have a fun day? Or will all of his whining get in the way?

If you’ve ever been worried to try something new, then Whiny Whiny Rhino is the book for you!

From creative team McBoop, comes the story of a whiny rhino with a big head and an even bigger imagination.

The story’s message is like the Mark Twain quote, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” We all get apprehensive when encountering new experiences and this often leads us to avoid ever trying anything new. Just having a little courage to try new things can often lead to a much more exciting and enriching life.

 See what book reviewers are saying about Whiny Whiny Rhino:

“The illustrations completely MAKE this book.  It’s bold, fun, and adorable.  Although it’s available for Kindle, I highly suggest the print copy.  It’s a large and attractive book that makes a great gift.  Your little one will get a kick out of Tiny and how he handles his fears.  Better yet, it’s a great conversation starter!  Try switching up the words using your kids’ names and habits to see what they say.  They’ll probably laugh and consider the Whiny Rhino next time they’re in a scary situation.”Savings in Seconds

“This would be a lovely book to read to a class, as it teaches about bullying and friendship, and most of all, about being brave! We highly recommend it!”Bless Their Hearts Mom

“I had to read the story 3 times in a row and I am sure the other passengers were enjoying the story too. The pictures in the story are bright and colourful, easily getting a childs attention.” Being Tillys Mommy

“This children’s read is the perfect read to help instill confidence in a child who finds themselves worrying about trying new things or simply getting them to believe in themselves.”Cherry Blossoms

“In fact, I thought it felt more like a shiny comic book than your typical children’s story. The characters are well drawn and dynamic and I think any child would delight over the colorful images displayed on each page.”One Frugal Girl

“I loved this!  It is going in my Girl Scout bag to read to the girls when we earn our “Courageous and Strong” petal.” – This That and the Other Thing

 ” ‘Whiny, Whiny Rhino’ fills all of my criteria: gorgeous, full color illustrations with lots to look at without being too busy, minimal story that communicates without overwhelming, and a fun tale to read over and over again . … Children’s books that enable a child to identify emotions and express how he or she is feeling get a gold star from me.”A Peek at my Bookshelf

“This is a fun and quick adventure, especially for little ones that are struggling with letting fear and worry get in the way of having fun. Grasshopper and I give it 4 thumbs up!”Bluerose’s Heart

“WHINY WHINY RHINO is a delightful book that will encourage youngsters to try that new game with their friends and shows them that courage can be as simple as taking that first step. … The beautiful, vivid drawings throughout the book will hold youngsters attention as they follow the tiny rhino on his journey. This charming book will quickly become a favorite in any youngster’s library.”Thoughts in Progress

“So as I’m reading Whiny Whiny Rhino I’m  reminded of one of the all time classic’s and one of my absolute favorite books ever written Green Eggs and Ham by the late great Dr. Seuss. Just as Green Eggs and Ham taught us to try new things,Whiny Whiny Rhino does the same.”Bookroom Reviews

“The message is perfect for both children & adults alike: rather than fretting, go and live your life, try new things and see what happens. You may discover something new! … I can’t wait to share this book with my youngest bonus child next summer as she’s the more apprehensive of the two. The length of the book is perfect, it flows well, and it’s such a great story. What’s not to love!?”Walking With Nora